Earth: Strength to Survive

Earth Veradrim like Siorys and Atreya prize strength and reward longer workouts.

Water: Meeting Goals

Water Veradrim like Nyneve and Oceanus inspire you to reach your daily energy goal.

Air: Stepping Up

Air Veradrim like Eyvindr and Echo reward the daily pursuit of movement via steps.

Fire: A Burning Desire

Fire Veradrim like Adenah and Phoenix prize consistency and grant the largest boons.

How to Play

To create a challenge, just tap the "Login / New Account" button and look for the 'Create Challenge' button. On the new challenge screen, indicate your starting date, duration, and the number of people you wish to support. Once you proceed, you'll be given the chance to sponsor your competition - paying for all participants - or to require participants to pay their own way with an in-app purchase.

On completion, you'll be given a match code to share with your participants. If you prefer, we can send an email to your participants notifying them of your new match.

To participate in a challenge, simply download the Runes of Veradra app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. You can then join a public challenge hosted by NextYou or enter a match code to join a match set up by a sponsor. If you have received an email notifying you of the match, it will contain your match code.

The Runes app is free and you can join sponsored matches at no charge. To join an unsponsored match - one created by a friend or coach, for example - you will have to make an in-app purchase. If you are using an Apple Watch or are willing to enter your workouts manually, the charge is just $2.99 in the U.S. (and similar internationally). If you'd like data from other devices, the cost is a bit more to cover our costs for data integration services.

There are four Veradric Runes: Earth, Water, Air and Fire. These power up based on workout minutes (earth), workout calories (water), steps (air) and consistency (fire). We measure your activity every day and give you a score on each. The match screen has all four runes and, when you tap them, your energy bursts forward, feeding your personal and team score. You have to accumulate 30 minutes of workout time or more to gain earth energy, a personal calorie goal to accumulate water energy, and 8,000 steps to accumulate air energy. Your consistency score gives credit based on how consistently you have completed your minutes, caloires and steps objectives.

The competition itself proceeds through 16 beautiful Veradric destinations: four of each elemental type. In each destination, a Veradrim will provide you with insight into their health or fitness specialty and grant you special rewards. Be sure to get the power-ups from each Veradrim to help you move ahead in the competition!

You will collect your primary energy no matter what order you tap. However, each Veradrim has a tone they find most pleasing. If you discover their 'song', they will reward you with an elixir that substantially boosts some aspect of your score. For example, you might get extra credit for strength or yoga workouts or a bonus for workouts of 45 minutes or more. Elixirs are an essential tool for winning a match.

Of course, if your teammates discover the secret for a glade, there is no reason they can't share it with everyone in team chat!

There are four teams in the game corresponding to the four elemental forces (earth, water, air and fire). In some matches, your team membership will increase your passive energy collection when you are at a destination of the same element. Teams also share a chat area so they can share discoveries and encourage one another.

Joining a team is automatic: the Veradrim sort all players into teams at the beginning of a match to ensure balance. You don't have to accept this team: if you have a friend on another team and want to join them, you'll be given a chance.

Yes! There is an entire story behind the migration of the Veradrim to the Veradric Highlands and their mastery of the mana-rich glades. From the creation of their community to Eyvindr's Homecoming, it has all been set to music by the immensely talented Arn Andersson. You will hear parts of this during natural game play but the full album can be streamed from within the app as well.


We're Building!

Like fireworks filling ancient glades, code and beautiful art is flowing from the inspired hands of the Runes team. We're preparing for the first beta and hope to have Teams lined up and matches underway by this fall. Follow us on our journey as we prepare the first season of Runes of the Veradra to inspire a whole new generation of gamers to get fit.

Featured Match (Sample)

NextYou Leader's Match

  • Match Starts: 6/28/2021
  • Match Ends: 7/22/2021
  • Player Limit: 64
  • Sponsored by: NextYou (public)
  • Veradrim: Echo
Featured Match (Sample)

ACME Rocket Match

  • Current Leader: Domino2
  • Match Ends: July 2, 2021
  • Players: 74
  • Sponsored By: ACME Rocket Corporation
  • Veradrim: Sahar